Broody Chicken

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
After Thelma got sick from the heat and getting to go back outside she has deiced that she want to just sit on the nest and go broody. She has picked a very bad time of the year to go broody too. It is the middle of the dog days of summer here and the inside of the coop gets very hot. Anther problem is that there eggs are not fertile at all for I don't have a rooster that is of age to make them that way.

If I did not have all the little chicks in the new pen I would put her in there with some fertile eggs and see what would happen, but I would have to buy them at the auction this next Sat. I could also bring her into the house and put her in the brooder but it has 12 3 week old chicks in it at this time. It would have been really nice if she would have done this a few weeks ago or even in the middle of spring.
Well she can just sit on her plastic eggs for the day and tonight I will take them out of there. I hope then she will stat to lay more eggs.


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