Look at how big Tiny is getting

Tuesday, July 26, 2011
Tiny is getting so big and he is still very friendly.

 He is only around 10 weeks old and very light. He is crippled so he will be here till his time. He gets around just fine with a little bit of a limp. I am not really sure of his breed but I don't care for he is a sweet heart. He is a rumpless and I just love it.

nice tea blend

I love to drink tea but get tired of just plain tea so I mix it up. Here is today's blend:
2 Organic green tea with lemon grass tea bag
2 Chamomile tea bags
1 Gingerbread spice tea bag
1/4 cup sugar
I boil the tea bag and mix it with the sugar in a 1/2 gallon pitcher. I place it in the frig to get it cold. I would server over ice but I don't have any ice at this time. my ice make is broke and I don't have room for ice trays in the freezer.

We are working on ways to save money all the time. Right now we are looking at getting a large freezer so that we can start butchering our chicken. We already have a pig to go into the freezer that we are going to have butchered in the fall. I think if we do the pig, and some of the chickens along with some deer(if we get any) we should not have to buy any meat for the year. I plan to raise rabbits for meat also but that is going to be next yr or so. We are going to start fishing sometime soon and that will give up fish. I know that we might not catch as much as we would like to have but what ever we do catch is cheaper than buying at the store. I hope to have a much bigger garden next year so that I can can and freeze for the winter. I would also like to get some grapes, and different berry plants. I might buy from local farmer at the farmers market also. Right now I really don't have the room to store a lot of food, but then are are still looking for the right place.

I would like to be to where we only have to buy the very basics at the store like flour, sugar, coffee and the likes.

New Nest Boxes

Saturday, July 23, 2011
I was very unhappy with the nest boxes in the coop that I have so I build new ones. The old one was to high and to small and to top it all off one of my chickens keep cracking her eggs when she layed them.
This is what I had

This is what my husband and I build
We used a plastic cat litter box and an old cooler with some wood and put it up on cinder blocks.

I am planing to build a feeder that I can put calcium in and put it next to the poop door close to the nest. I was putting calcium in the feed but the roosters was getting it all. I am hoping to have them in the other pen or out of here this week or next weekend.
Friday, July 22, 2011
My husband and I are looking for our first house and I would like to know if any of you might be able to give me advice on what to look for as we look for houses. I know there is a long road to house ownership but there are also a lot of you that have most likely already taken that long road. I am looking for what you should look for in a house before you buy it.. I have been looking for sometime and with the places that my husband and I have already been in we got screwed blued and tattooed each and every time, but we also did not go through a mortgage company we did owner finance. We still have around 6 month till we really can start to looking but I always look. I have 3 or 4 websites that I use in my area.
How did the home inspection go, did they find all that was wrong or did you find stuff later?
Did you get all you wanted or did you compromise? EXAMPLE wanted 2 bath and got 1 with the idea to build one later.
Please write in the comment section. I will answer all that I can.
 At times I feel so lost as to what I really would like to have in a home that I keep changing my mind. I know that I would like to have a good size kitchen so that I can start to can and store what I do can. Room to be able to cook the way I really love to cook. Two bathrooms would be really nice even with just the two of us. I would like to have a guest room and a craft area so I can start to sew my own clothes. I would also like to have room for all the animals that I would like to have. Right now I just have my chickens and my pig is still at my landlords.
We really do not have an option to buy land and put a house on it that would just cost us more than we can spent. We have to get something that is already build and on good land.
Thank you all for answering and if you would like to keep up with what is going on just follow the blog.

Running free

Wednesday, July 20, 2011
I have let the 6 week old chicks out of there pen and so far all is going good. There is a bit of chasing from the larger chickens but not a lot. I had to change there food out too for the larger ones keep going in and eating it. Out here were I am you only have two types of food for them and that is starter and layer/grower. All my chickens get to free range and I give there scratch and scraps form the garden. I found out yesterday that they just love tomatoes. I am going to try this weekend to sell most of the roosters that I have(5) I am going to only keep one of the roosters that was from Speckles and that is going to be Harry. He is the youngest of all the roosters from Speckles and I found that he did not like it when I took his sisters away from him at all. I am hoping that this is a sign that he is going to be a good watch rooster for all the girls. I will still have other roosters but they are not from any of the chickens that I have had already. There are from the eggs that I bought.
After I sell the 5 roosters I will move the 17  in to the coop. Right now I am letting them all get to know each other out is the yard. I will move them all at night for it is not easy to catch a chicken in the day. I will try to get some pictures of the ones that I have named, but they can move fast at this time.

Surviving the summer

Monday, July 18, 2011
This summer is getting to be a very hot one to me. It is not so much the heat but more the humidity that is getting me, and to think this is really the first year that I have had A/C where I live. The A/C here don't work that good but at least it keeps the humidity down in the house. I don't think we really had a spring time this year. We had like 24 inches of rain in May and now no rain at all. We are going into drought like conditions.  I have to water the garden at least once if not twice a day just to keep it going. The grass(what there is of it) is all but dead in most areas of the yard.
I am doing laundry today and just going out to hang it up is almost more than I can deal with. I am also trying to clean the house up since I have not been keeping up with it. I got most of my room done still have the bathroom area to finish and cleaning off dressers. (chicken races out the window) I might not get much more than that done today. I really have to get the kitchen done. I have been seeing signs or mice and the cats are not doing there jobs to well(its hard with child safety latches on the doors). I am starting to open cabinets for them to get in to them so that they can get them.

How the garden grows

Thursday, July 14, 2011
Well, the garden is doing good. I have had some tomato horn worms that got some of the tomatoes and leaves. I also had something get the tops of my carrots a time back. The lettuce and spinach I gave to the chickens so that they would have some greens while they were on lock down. The temperatures have been a bit on the hot side so starting anything else at this time is not going to happen. I might try to start something later in the year for a fall/winter harvest.
I would like to start some berry plants this next year so that I can have more and not have to pay for them. I really do like berries. We do have some wild black berries around here but most of the berries are small for there is not enough water this year to water them. I don't water them for they are so far from the water hose, up in the woods too. The strawberries that are here did not bare any fruit at all. Being that we are in a rental I really don't what to plant all the berry plants in the ground and I thing that putting them in pots could be hard to move on some of them.
We are still looking at place that are in the area of where we are now to see if there is anything that we like. Most of what is in the area is over our price range or is smaller than we would like to have. We still have over 6 months before we really can even try to buy a place. I do really like where we are it is just that is in no MINE and I still have to watch what I do here, but for the most part can do what I want like it was mine. The big thing is for us it is big enough but still not enough room for all that I would like to do. I don't have a craft room and all the room are a bit on the small side. Having the whole yard fenced would be a nice thing too so that I could have more of the animals that I would like to have, but then I am not sure how I would feed them at this time for work is slowing down for DH.

Broody Chicken

Wednesday, July 13, 2011
After Thelma got sick from the heat and getting to go back outside she has deiced that she want to just sit on the nest and go broody. She has picked a very bad time of the year to go broody too. It is the middle of the dog days of summer here and the inside of the coop gets very hot. Anther problem is that there eggs are not fertile at all for I don't have a rooster that is of age to make them that way.

If I did not have all the little chicks in the new pen I would put her in there with some fertile eggs and see what would happen, but I would have to buy them at the auction this next Sat. I could also bring her into the house and put her in the brooder but it has 12 3 week old chicks in it at this time. It would have been really nice if she would have done this a few weeks ago or even in the middle of spring.
Well she can just sit on her plastic eggs for the day and tonight I will take them out of there. I hope then she will stat to lay more eggs.

Over heating in the coop

Monday, July 11, 2011
Thelma one of my chickens that has really had a hard live since I have had her thanks to Speckles over using her, she was really torn up and took a month to recoup from that. She over heated today so I picked her up(she never allows this) took her to the hose and cooled her off. I have since moved her into the house since she is very weak and could not run from a turtle at this time.
She is in a pet taxi with food and water I just hope that I got to her in time. I think she is going to be staying in the house for a few days. Here is a pic of her
This is form when I first got her.

New place for the tweens

Saturday, July 9, 2011
We are building a new grow out pen for the tweens. I have to try and have it all done tomorrow so that I can move the 5 weeks out to it and also put the Houdini triplets in there, for they keep getting out of the main coop hence there name. Money is very tight so we are using everything and anything that we can find around the yard. We did have to buy around $100 worth of fencing, hinges, staples for the fencing and latches. Dh is not really likeing the idea of having to do work on the weekend when it is very hot out but we do most of the work in the early morning and later in the evening so that we are not out in the heat of the day. Right now as I write this it is 9:30 and still 86° outside.
the coop area to be, this is just for shelter from rain and at night,or for a broody hen later.
The start of the frame work

After we have taken the swings, teeter swing, and slide off and add the sides to hold the poultry netting

Snake in the coop

Thursday, July 7, 2011
Well this morning I was going to look in the coop to see what had to be done and looking for eggs and there was a Black snake on the floor. I tried to call someone to help me get it out but there was no one around. I watched it go out of the coop and left to go to the house and when I went back a bit later it was in the nest box trying to eat a plastic Easter egg. Well, I pinned it to the wall with the rake and tried again to see if there was anyone out the help me and there was not, so I used the rake to move it out of the coop and with the back side of the rake I beat the ever living poop out of it and it is dead. I think that is what might have gotten on of my chicks a week or so back. This snake was around 5 ft+.
All I have to say is that any snake that is in my coop is a dead one if I can kill it. They can be out in the yard but you mess with my chickens or eggs and you are dead. I know that black snakes are good for rats, mice and other "bad" snakes but hey it was in my nest box that are 4 ft off the floor.
We are going to be doing some fixing to the coop and around it so that I hope that no more snakes can get into the coop to get my eggs. I am only have two hen that are laying at this time and we can eat 4 eggs a day if we both eat eggs in the same day. Over the weekend I can use 6 to 10 eggs for a breakfast casserole.
I do have two more pullets that should be laying here in the next few weeks, they are starting to get redder in the face and are losing there teen feathers. I can not wait till they are laying, I just hope that they lay in the next boxes and not out in the yard some place.
Saturday, July 2, 2011
After a month resting and healing she has start laying eggs again. Now I am getting up to 2 a day. I have no idea what she is but she has some very pretty feathers. I will try to get a close up of them when I can. She(Thelma) don't like for anyone to get close to her at all. That is Louise in the back. I know that Louise is a game bird of some kind for she has spurs. I really need to get some up to day pictures of my girls.