baby chicks

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Well I said I would put some pictures up of the babies once they got here well they are not all here but here is a picture of  9 of them. Still have 6 in the incubator that have to hatch, but I think that 2 are goners.

The colors that I have gotten from this clutch is like nothing that I have seen but in books. I am going to go and see if I can get one more dozen eggs and then set 1 doz Easter Egger's 1 doz of my neighbors and 1 doz that I get from the auction if  I can get any, might even get two dozen today and make it a 4 doz load, got I hope they all fit, but I think they will. This will be the last hatch of the year since it is starting to get to hot out to keep the incubator temp at a steady temp. Plus it is to cold in the fall for babies to be out at a young age.
I will be selling most of the rooster, I might even sell speckles for his is just so big. Right now he only has two girls to keep him happy and that is just making them very tired of this attention. It has been getting very hot here and I have stop letting them range out of the run for there are many snakes out and I don't like that they are always going up in to the woods and hiding for the day.
I hope to get some fencing up so that they will have more room to range and still be save and not in the woods. I would like to be able to move them around in my yard so that they can work different parts of the yard. With having the 5 week old out there with them I rather keep them locked in so that I don't lose any  of my babies. I have worked hard at getting them here with watching the incubator and all that. 


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