Moving day

Monday, June 13, 2011
Today I move three more babies out to the main coop, I also moved the 13 week old into the big pen so they would have more room. I am not sure what we are going to do with Speckles for I can not put him in with the chicken since there are only two for him. He has charged at me and I always have to watch my back to make sure that he does not try to flog me.
The garden is doing good and I will be eating lettuce and spinach here in the next few days. The watermelon is growing fast and the tomatoes are doing very good too. Should be picking some tomatoes here in three to four weeks if not sooner. Peppers are also grown fast still waiting to see any start to grow but there are flowers so soon.
The wild life is all over. Rabbits, deer, frogs, bird and almost any thing else that you would find in a wooded area or close to streams. I still have not seen any lighting bug yet, except one back in May one evening. I love the evening when all the bugs and night birds are singing it is music to my ears, better that cars on a highway.
The new kitten is getting along with the other cats just fine. In fact today Snowflake was trying to suckle on Diesel who is a male cat and he let her, it was so cute. The play all the time and I am very happy to see it. Diesel took a long time to get along with the cats that I had when I brought him home form my husbands work  3 to 4 yrs ago.
Looks like it is going to be a hot long summer, so glad that I moved into a place that has A/C for I don't think I could do one more summer with out it. The A/C don't work all that well since I am in a older single wide, but with our portable unit I think we will manage. I hope that my husband will look into it before to long we think the duct work need a bit of tlc.


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