Some of the babies

Friday, June 24, 2011
I though I would post some pictures of at least two of the baby chicks that I am for sure going to be keeping. I am not sure if they are male or female but they are going to stay no mater what.

This is Tiny she is about 6 weeks old
This is the back side of Tiny, She is a rumpless from what I can tell
This is Miss America she is a Americana
Here you can see her blue-green legs.
 Over this weekend we are going to have more eggs hatching, I go a lot of work to do to get ready for them. I am going to be moving my chicks into a bigger room so that I will have more room since I am going to have the big brooder with my 3 week old and then have two smaller brooder boxes for my new hatchlings. I have 11 eggs that are my friends that I have to keep separate from mine. I only have 7 that are to hatch but not sure if any or all of them will hatch. My friend has 11 but again not sure how many will hatch.

We are going to start butching some of the roosters here in the next few weeks. Chicken is just getting to much at the store and you have no idea what it has been feed. This is something that we are going to have to learn how to do since we have never done this. I have been looking on the internet to learn how to do this. I  really don't plan on doing large numbers at one time since I really don't have the room for that many at a time. I really have to get a freezer soon so that I can put the chickens and other stuff in there to have in the winter.

I hope to start doing rabbits soon but I am not sure at to when I will be able to do the since I have to have a shelter for them so that they can stay cool. Rabbit do not like the heat at all. Rabbit is very good to eat and they breed very fast so you can have up to 8 to butcher every 2 months or so. Only time will tell.

The garden is doing good I gave most of the lettuce and spinach to the chickens, I got tomatoes all over the place but it is still going to be a bit before I get any from the plant. The watermelon is growing all over the yard, really have to watch where I walk. I have been picking blackberry a lot, I am freezing them so that I can make a pie or something with them later.


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