New chicks are here

Monday, June 27, 2011
Over the weekend we had 13 chicks hatch. One of  them has a bad eye and a crooked beak and I am not sure if it is going to make it. the count of what I have is:
5 WLRC, 7 from a neighbor, 1 mixed that has a crooked beak
When I went to go check on all the birds that are in the coop I found one of my 4 week old hens dead, not sure what happen to it. I am working on getting rid of all the roosters that I for sure know that I have. I am running out of room for all of the chickens that I am getting(hatching). I am up to a total of 41.
At some time I will be butchering out all my roosters and unwanted hens, but first I really have to get a freezer so I have room for them.I also have to get some supplies so that it will be a easier process to butch them out. I am going to have to get a freezer for I have a pig to butcher here later in the fall.
I am planing to start with rabbits here is the next few months for meat. With having rabbit, chicken and pork I should not have to go to the store for meat for some time, unless I want some beef. It is going to be sometime before I will be able to have a cow for the freezer for I am going  to have to start with a smaller freezer.


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