UPDATES: on older post

Monday, June 27, 2011
As you might see I have updated and did some changes to my blog, Please if you like what you see let me know by voting. Also so if you see a mistake or something I might have missed please comment to let me know. Would love to hear what people have to say.
Here are the updates:

  • I have to still get a Pig  pen build, but it looks like that is not going to happen for a bit. For the time our pis stays down at our neighbors. We buy some food for him for them keeping him there.
  • As for getting the chicken coop worked on well that is something else that is just going to have to wait. I have more chickens that I need for I seem to be hatching more males than females. I decided to raise the chicks in my house for we do have a lot of predators here.
  • As for getting a cow well that is not going to happen any time soon. I have not got a freezer that is big enough to hold it.
  • I have given up on getting a goat for the time for I just can not get any fencing done here. The ground is so hard and full of rocks that it takes a tractor to get any holes dug. It is hay season here and our neighbor is working every weekend on cutting, raking, and baling all there hay that they use in the winter.
  • As for chickens I have culled out all the white ones Bella too. Speckles is gone(no idea how). Lost one of the hatchlings to drowning. I will most likly lose the one that has the crooked beak for he can not stand at all and keeps laying on his side that the bad eye is on.
  • I only got one garden box done and the tomatoes, pepper and watermelon are really coming along. My carrot tops were eat off but are now growing back. The lettuce and spinach I feed to the chickens for at the time they were staying in the coop.
  • Yesterday was the first day of letting all the chickens out of the coop to free range and I think they are much more happy with that idea. I know the feed bill will go down now. The cats and dogs are not all that happy for they all have to stay in or go on the lead(dogs) while the chickens are out.

New chicks are here

Over the weekend we had 13 chicks hatch. One of  them has a bad eye and a crooked beak and I am not sure if it is going to make it. the count of what I have is:
5 WLRC, 7 from a neighbor, 1 mixed that has a crooked beak
When I went to go check on all the birds that are in the coop I found one of my 4 week old hens dead, not sure what happen to it. I am working on getting rid of all the roosters that I for sure know that I have. I am running out of room for all of the chickens that I am getting(hatching). I am up to a total of 41.
At some time I will be butchering out all my roosters and unwanted hens, but first I really have to get a freezer so I have room for them.I also have to get some supplies so that it will be a easier process to butch them out. I am going to have to get a freezer for I have a pig to butcher here later in the fall.
I am planing to start with rabbits here is the next few months for meat. With having rabbit, chicken and pork I should not have to go to the store for meat for some time, unless I want some beef. It is going to be sometime before I will be able to have a cow for the freezer for I am going  to have to start with a smaller freezer.

Laundry in the great outdoors

Sunday, June 26, 2011
Today was laundry day and DH and I did 5 loads of laundry, it was time to do the bedding again. To save from using the drying I hung them all outside. DH had to tighten up the lines for this was the first time we have used them.
Well, I got the shock of my life when I went to get the laundry off the line, it was the softest that I have ever gotten off the line in my life. The jeans where even soft. I posted some time back about my laundry soap and soften that I use. I hope that you give it a try and save money at the same time.

Some of the babies

Friday, June 24, 2011
I though I would post some pictures of at least two of the baby chicks that I am for sure going to be keeping. I am not sure if they are male or female but they are going to stay no mater what.

This is Tiny she is about 6 weeks old
This is the back side of Tiny, She is a rumpless from what I can tell
This is Miss America she is a Americana
Here you can see her blue-green legs.
 Over this weekend we are going to have more eggs hatching, I go a lot of work to do to get ready for them. I am going to be moving my chicks into a bigger room so that I will have more room since I am going to have the big brooder with my 3 week old and then have two smaller brooder boxes for my new hatchlings. I have 11 eggs that are my friends that I have to keep separate from mine. I only have 7 that are to hatch but not sure if any or all of them will hatch. My friend has 11 but again not sure how many will hatch.

We are going to start butching some of the roosters here in the next few weeks. Chicken is just getting to much at the store and you have no idea what it has been feed. This is something that we are going to have to learn how to do since we have never done this. I have been looking on the internet to learn how to do this. I  really don't plan on doing large numbers at one time since I really don't have the room for that many at a time. I really have to get a freezer soon so that I can put the chickens and other stuff in there to have in the winter.

I hope to start doing rabbits soon but I am not sure at to when I will be able to do the since I have to have a shelter for them so that they can stay cool. Rabbit do not like the heat at all. Rabbit is very good to eat and they breed very fast so you can have up to 8 to butcher every 2 months or so. Only time will tell.

The garden is doing good I gave most of the lettuce and spinach to the chickens, I got tomatoes all over the place but it is still going to be a bit before I get any from the plant. The watermelon is growing all over the yard, really have to watch where I walk. I have been picking blackberry a lot, I am freezing them so that I can make a pie or something with them later.

Moving day

Monday, June 13, 2011
Today I move three more babies out to the main coop, I also moved the 13 week old into the big pen so they would have more room. I am not sure what we are going to do with Speckles for I can not put him in with the chicken since there are only two for him. He has charged at me and I always have to watch my back to make sure that he does not try to flog me.
The garden is doing good and I will be eating lettuce and spinach here in the next few days. The watermelon is growing fast and the tomatoes are doing very good too. Should be picking some tomatoes here in three to four weeks if not sooner. Peppers are also grown fast still waiting to see any start to grow but there are flowers so soon.
The wild life is all over. Rabbits, deer, frogs, bird and almost any thing else that you would find in a wooded area or close to streams. I still have not seen any lighting bug yet, except one back in May one evening. I love the evening when all the bugs and night birds are singing it is music to my ears, better that cars on a highway.
The new kitten is getting along with the other cats just fine. In fact today Snowflake was trying to suckle on Diesel who is a male cat and he let her, it was so cute. The play all the time and I am very happy to see it. Diesel took a long time to get along with the cats that I had when I brought him home form my husbands work  3 to 4 yrs ago.
Looks like it is going to be a hot long summer, so glad that I moved into a place that has A/C for I don't think I could do one more summer with out it. The A/C don't work all that well since I am in a older single wide, but with our portable unit I think we will manage. I hope that my husband will look into it before to long we think the duct work need a bit of tlc.

baby chicks

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Well I said I would put some pictures up of the babies once they got here well they are not all here but here is a picture of  9 of them. Still have 6 in the incubator that have to hatch, but I think that 2 are goners.

The colors that I have gotten from this clutch is like nothing that I have seen but in books. I am going to go and see if I can get one more dozen eggs and then set 1 doz Easter Egger's 1 doz of my neighbors and 1 doz that I get from the auction if  I can get any, might even get two dozen today and make it a 4 doz load, got I hope they all fit, but I think they will. This will be the last hatch of the year since it is starting to get to hot out to keep the incubator temp at a steady temp. Plus it is to cold in the fall for babies to be out at a young age.
I will be selling most of the rooster, I might even sell speckles for his is just so big. Right now he only has two girls to keep him happy and that is just making them very tired of this attention. It has been getting very hot here and I have stop letting them range out of the run for there are many snakes out and I don't like that they are always going up in to the woods and hiding for the day.
I hope to get some fencing up so that they will have more room to range and still be save and not in the woods. I would like to be able to move them around in my yard so that they can work different parts of the yard. With having the 5 week old out there with them I rather keep them locked in so that I don't lose any  of my babies. I have worked hard at getting them here with watching the incubator and all that. 

New chicks are coming

Friday, June 3, 2011
Well, last night I go up at around 3 am to a baby chick in the incubator, hatch day is not till Sat and there is another one that is hatching as I write this. Look like everything is going to go a bit early this time around. After all have hatched I will clean and reset the incubator with a dozen EE's and what every my friend brings from her chickens.
She had a coon get a lot of her baby chick and her ducks over the last two week so to help her restock her flock I am going to incubate some eggs from her laying hens. We share all the chicks that I incubate and trade bird to have a lot of different types of birds in our flocks.
I will add pictures later after every one has fluffed out.