time to clean

Monday, May 30, 2011
Today I cleaned out the chicken coop and moved the 4 week old chicks out there for they where making a big stink in the brooder pen. I candled the eggs in the incubator and had to remove 5 more so that leave 16 for hatch day. The 8 littles that are still in the house are all in the pen now. The brooder box is almost ready for the next hatch date that is on June 4th. I have a dozen more eggs to put in the incubator after this hatch, they are all Easter Eggers.
The garden is growing very fast I hope to be picking some radish and lettuce here soon. The spinach should be some time after that. I am already getting flowers on the tomato plant and am going to have to put a cage around it soon.
The wild rabbits are getting very brave for they are coming almost up to the back door. Yesterday when we pulled in there where two of them right by the back door area. I have also had deer running through the yard.


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