NO eggs for a time

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Well as of today the chickens are on antibiotics for what ever is wrong with them and with that we will not be able to eat the eggs, so why not build an incubator and set the eggs to hatch. I am saving the eggs now to set 4/9/11. I should have around 14 or more eggs by that time. Lets call it a practice run for when I start to buy some eggs of chicken breed that I would like to add to my flock.

We plan on build the incubator over the next day or so I still have to go get some part for it. I also need to stabilize it before I add any of the eggs. I am not really sure where we are going to place it, most likely in the laundry room for that is the only room in the house that stay kind of cool while the A/C is still not on.

When it comes time to put the baby chick(if there are any) in a brooder that will be out in the main hen house for I can not have the baby chicks in my house there is no room left.
I will post pics once I have them.


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