Lots of rain = Car in ditch

Monday, April 4, 2011
I decided that this morning I was going to go to town and get the supplies to make my homemade incubator, well I never made it since I put my van in a ditch. I did not get hurt and neither did the van, just lots of mud, thank them upstairs. The good that did come from me putting my van in the ditch is that the county road person was in the area and saw my van in the ditch and got the okay to put gravel in they place. We go the car out at around noon and by the time my husband when to work at 3:00 the gravel was in place.
I believe that I was to be in that ditch so that the gravel would be placed there to help other not end up in the ditch. Hey it could have been a bus full of kid, which I have been told has happen in the past.

With all that happened I had my husband get the parts when he went to work and we will work on the incubator tomorrow and I hope that I can get it plugged in so I can start to test it to get the temp and humidity right. This is going to be the first time that I have ever done anything like this so I really hope that it will work since I would really love to have some more chickens like Thelma and Louise for they are just so good at pest control and run all over will all the white one just stay in the coop most of the time even Bella. Oh and by the way the new three are Pop Snap and Crackle.


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