Waiting for chicks

Friday, April 29, 2011
Well, I am still waiting for the eggs to hatch. They are suppose to be hatching tomorrow but I thought that some of them would have hatched early since the temp was high a lot of the time. I know that as of Monday all the baby chicks were moving in there eggs but have not checked them since then. I have had one or two eggs rockin but so far that is it.

Big Egg

Monday, April 18, 2011
Today I went to go gather eggs and I found a egg the size of a turkey/goose egg in the hen house. I am going to candle this egg later tonight to see if it is a double yolk and then I might set it in the incubator to see if anything happens.

The good thing was that the chicken that laid it at least laid it in the nest that I have down on the ground for the chickens that can not get up to the nest that are so far up the wall. I plan on getting new nesting boxes that are different heights, since I am going to have to turn part of the hen house in to a brooder for the chicks that are going to be here at the end of the month.

Candling eggs

Sunday, April 17, 2011
Today more like this evening has been a great day for I candled ALL of my eggs in the incubator and I have 14/17 that are moving inside. We still have a long ways to go till hatch day. I was so worried that I had cooked the eggs the other day when there was a temp spike in the incubator of 110° but I have found that is not the case. The three that are no good are unfertilized from what I can tell.

We are starting to clean out the coop so that we can put sand in there so that it will be easier to clean with all the chickens staying in there most of the time. We also have to start getting ready for the brooder to be out there so cleaning it up is going to be a good thing. It is going to take a bit of time to get it all cleaned out since we only work on it about 30 minutes a day.

Homemade Incubator

Thursday, April 14, 2011
I though I would put up some pictures of my first incubator for every one to see.

Since taking these pictures I have put the fan up and got it off the floor and that has helped with the temp a lot.

We are having a very bad time with the tick out here and we are finding at least a few on us daily. Most of the time we are finding them before they get attached, but some do get attached. To help with the ticks we are going to get some guineas eggs to incubate later so that they are raised on the farm so that they will not go so far away and work on the tick here and not everyplace else. We can only do so much.

First Incubating attempt

Tuesday, April 12, 2011
Well, Saturday I got the incubator set up and going. I have 16 eggs in there but with the temperature and humidity going up and down I don't thing I am going to have a good hatch at all. We will see around the 1st of May if I have any hatch at all. I don't even know if any of the eggs are fertile. I am going to try and candle some of the eggs on day 7 for before that you really can not tell anything and the eggs are brown so I might not even then be able to tell anything. We can only hope and pray for the best to come out of this new venture that I am undergoing.
I am hoping that I can do well at this so that I might be able to make some money back for all the feed that I have to buy for the chickens. Well as the saying goings "if at first you don't succeed try, try again" and that is just what I will do till I get it right.

Lots of rain = Car in ditch

Monday, April 4, 2011
I decided that this morning I was going to go to town and get the supplies to make my homemade incubator, well I never made it since I put my van in a ditch. I did not get hurt and neither did the van, just lots of mud, thank them upstairs. The good that did come from me putting my van in the ditch is that the county road person was in the area and saw my van in the ditch and got the okay to put gravel in they place. We go the car out at around noon and by the time my husband when to work at 3:00 the gravel was in place.
I believe that I was to be in that ditch so that the gravel would be placed there to help other not end up in the ditch. Hey it could have been a bus full of kid, which I have been told has happen in the past.

With all that happened I had my husband get the parts when he went to work and we will work on the incubator tomorrow and I hope that I can get it plugged in so I can start to test it to get the temp and humidity right. This is going to be the first time that I have ever done anything like this so I really hope that it will work since I would really love to have some more chickens like Thelma and Louise for they are just so good at pest control and run all over will all the white one just stay in the coop most of the time even Bella. Oh and by the way the new three are Pop Snap and Crackle.

NO eggs for a time

Sunday, April 3, 2011
Well as of today the chickens are on antibiotics for what ever is wrong with them and with that we will not be able to eat the eggs, so why not build an incubator and set the eggs to hatch. I am saving the eggs now to set 4/9/11. I should have around 14 or more eggs by that time. Lets call it a practice run for when I start to buy some eggs of chicken breed that I would like to add to my flock.

We plan on build the incubator over the next day or so I still have to go get some part for it. I also need to stabilize it before I add any of the eggs. I am not really sure where we are going to place it, most likely in the laundry room for that is the only room in the house that stay kind of cool while the A/C is still not on.

When it comes time to put the baby chick(if there are any) in a brooder that will be out in the main hen house for I can not have the baby chicks in my house there is no room left.
I will post pics once I have them.

Pictures of the chickens

Friday, April 1, 2011
I thought I would post some new pictures of the chickens that are better that what I already have here.

This is Bella, she lay light to med brown eggs

Thelma(darker one in back) and Louise(lighter one id front), Thelma lay light to med brown and Louise lay darker brown with speckles

And this is Speckles our rooster
I do have three more chickens that look a lot like Bella and they are the last chickens that I will buy all the rest that I get are going to be chicks that I raise or from eggs from the girls that I already have. The three new ones are not laying yet but I did get one egg the first day or so and it was a cream color much lighter than Bellas.