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Sunday, March 6, 2011
I have been working on keep the house clean and not let it get out of hand. After the move we are having to change the way we shop. We can not just go out ever week and shop for it is 45 minute to 1 hour to get to town to do the shopping and gas is getting high. We are now going into town about every other week depending on what town we are going to. This weekend we went to Fayetteville a large city that is a little over an hour away and got a Sams Club membership so that we can buy in bulk.
A lot of the stuff that we get, we can get there in Bulk and it will last us for a month or better. I am going to start making the Duggar Family laundry soap and us other ideas of theres to help us save money and let me have all my animals. Speaking of animals looks like I am going to be getting more than I though here in the next few weeks. I am looking for more chickens(hopefully laying) the pig is still with its mother and I still have to get the pen build. I am going to have to fence off an area for a goat, yes I am going to be able to get a goat since my landlord now has 4 and one is ready to pop. I am hopping that I will be getting one of the little ones once it is weaned, but it has to be female so I can get milk later. That will really help with the milk bill and it is so much better for you.
Last night was a fun night, My husband was wondering what I was yelling and cussing at and it was the dumb dogs chasing a skunk, well the little one was, but the bigger one was the one that got hit, yep sprayed and that was so fun to work with. We did find something that works really good. 1 QT Hydrogen Peroxide(h2o2) 1\4 cup Baking soda and a tablespoon of dish soap(dawn is best) We used it once and it worked good enough that we did no smell it to bad, but it is still there some. I ran out of h2o2. We are going to be stocking up on all these supplies since I do live is skunk country.


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