getting the farm started

Sunday, February 20, 2011

I am so happy at this time for I got my first chickens last night. Yesterday there was a auction that sell junk and farm animals and we went. Well needless to say I had to leave before the animal ever started being sold and go to town to get our month running done. We had meet our friends up there so we told them what we wanted and how much for each, and that was not going to work for they were going much higher than the price I wanted to pay. Well I told her that the money that I had given her was my allowence for the chickens and to do her best and this is what I got for that. The rooster I already had. Over time I will be getting more but for now I think this is good for a start for some one that had never had chickens before.
Over the next week I am going to work on my first garden bed for there is word that it is suppose to snow again over the next week. I am also going to have to start getting the pig pen build for he is about ready to come home.
I now have lots to do if the weather will just work with me.


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