Getting wood for heat

Sunday, January 30, 2011
Yesterday the weather was wonderful, but did not get anything done, had to much stuff to get done. Yesterday was the only day that my husband had off so we had to get parts for him to fix his jeep so that we can go get fire wood today. We are in for a cold spell and firewood is very important to keep the house warm. If the weather hold out for some today we are going to try and get more of the outside cleaned with the help from the landlords.
Next Saturday is the auction were we might be able to get some animals and building stuff for the place. I just hope that we will be able to go. Will let you all know if we do.
As for living so far out I am loving it. We don't have any traffic and it is quiet most of the time, nature is about all you can hear. Like this morning there are birds and of course my rooster Speckles has been crowing. Well back to my morning of Facebook and cleaning while the other half sleeps.


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