Friday, August 13, 2010
I have made two weeks worth of meals most of them are based on what is on sale this week or what I already have on hand. If you would like to take a look at them they are Crock pot week and menu 1 This one is base more on what is on sale this week. By making my menu base on what is on sale the week before I know what I will be able to make, so I am one week ahead at all times. By doing this and not going out at $40 to $60 a week we should save up to 700+ dollars in three month if not more.
The hardest part is going to be not going out all the time on the weekends like we have been doing. I am not going to buy any yarn for crocheting unless I run out( like that is going to happen in three month)
This is the outfit that I have made for my 4th grandchild
This is what I do in the evening while we Watch TV or a movie, or while DH(darling Husband) is on the computer. I will work on more stuff in the evening and on weekend now that I am not going to be going out any where. We spend most of the day in our room where we have a AC to help fight the 95° to 105° temp that are here.


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