Wednesday, July 14, 2010
At the present time we are on the hunt for a new house with more land. We are finding that the place that we are in now is just not the right place for us. I feel that this is going to take until some time in the winter to get done but hey as long as it is a good weekend we can move. I really would like to get off the HIGHWAY, this is not a safe place for animals or grandkids.

The garden has given us a lot of cherry tomatoes and we are now starting to get tomatoes about every other day. The weeks are over taking it still, just to darn hot to get out to weed, and I might run in to a BAD snake. I have gotten about 6 cukes so far off on the one and only plant that made it. The strawberries are about done, yes i know you are suppose to not let them fruit the first year but hey I wanted them to eat(only got like 5). going to plant a ton next year to go with the two I got. Yes we are taking them with.

We are going to wait on getting the chickens till after we move so we don't have to move them twice. Once we are moved i can start getting all the animals that I want to have. That is when the real work starts.


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