New dish

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Last night I really did not want to cook. Well I ended up cooking and using 2 boxes of broccoli cheese rice, 4 cans of chicken, 1 can diced tomatoes, 1 jar real bacon bits I made a easy fast dinner that everyone liked. There was a recipe on the back of the rice that I worked off of to get my dinner.
I am going to work on cleaning the chicken coop up some today since the chickens are not laying to good. The coop got flooded a time back when we had 9 inches of rain in 48 hours.  We will see how much I can get done.
I got the whole coop done. Really did not take me long but then my husband was in the shop working on his truck to keep me company.


Friday, January 29, 2016

Well there really is not a lot going on here. I have been cooking some new recipes like these pork chops and I made fish last night that was breaded with bread crumbs and coconut.
The chickens are not laying all that well. I did get 5 new hens a time back but lost 4 of them to something getting into the coop. I also hatched some bantam, I ended up with two hens And a rooster. The rooster runs around with Ginger my hen that was in the house time back.
Not to sure if I will get a garden in this year, I sure did not last year. I did get my book on dehydration and have been dehydrating a lot of frozen vegetable and other thing that I can keep around for snacks. If I do get the garden in my dehydrater will be going a lot.
Just before I dot my book and that I got very lucky and found around 70 mason jars for around $6 most of them being wide mouth quarts. That helped with storing all the dehydrated food I have been dehydrating.

Monday, June 22, 2015
It has seen some time since I have posted anything. I am sorry about that but not much is really happening at this time. I did hatch out 5 bantam chicken earlier this month, not so much for eggs but just for something to do and to get a different type of chicken it to my flock. I am down to 7 hens and 1 rooster that give me about 4 eggs average a day.

My son is suppost to be moving out later next month but the goddess is the only on that know if that is going to happen.

Well might be back at some time but if not sorry.

Been on the run

Friday, October 17, 2014
Sorry that it has been sometime since I have posted. I have been on the run. My son started back to collage and I have been having to get up at Dark 30(5:30) so that I can get my DH to work and then have the car so that I can get my son to school. Along the way I have meet some great people. 
We have got the food cupboard stocked back up and my son bought me a dehydrator so that I could start putting more food away. I had to make him a batch of buffalo/ground chuck jerky but it was really good. I have also dried some corn and peas. I am going to try and make some fruit leathers this weekend if I can find the cutting sheets at the dollar store. 

I started vaping. This is smoking an e-cig. I think it is helping with my asthma a bit, for I have had no attacks in the two weeks I have been doing it. this is a lot cheaper than the medication that I am to take and it works for it is the same darn stuff that is in my inhaler. I can breath, I can laugh without have an asthma attack and I am doing 0 nic. Lot better than a cigarette that is for sure. My son quit smoking and is now vaping too. No more cigarette smell and the flavors smell great. I am even making some lanyards for the e-cigs that we use for the place we buy all our stuff at.

The chicken are on strike for the time, I am only getting one or two eggs a day if I am lucky, but then it is getting colder and they are molting. I just might have to break down and buy some.

I shut down my business for I was not making any sales and I could not keep going. Everything that was on my site can still be gotten at I even get my dogs PetHealth™ OPC Formula with Glucosamine for Dogs & Cats from them. My oldest dog takes this every night and she is able to walk and move a lot better. We found out just how well once we ran out of the first jar of it.

Slithering Time Last Night

Thursday, August 14, 2014
Last night when I went to gather eggs I found a 5 foot black snake in the nests boxes. No I really do not mind sharing some eggs with the snake, but leave when you are done so I do not know you have been there. I am getting more eggs than I can use and don't have many placed to get rid of them anymore. Most of my hens and the rooster are to big for the snake to bother. I mean there was a hen in the bottom next box and the snake was in the to with his tail going up the wall. I do not have all that good of light in the coop area but I saw that there was a snake in there and ran to the house to get my son to help me remove the snake.
The reason I do not mind the snake having a few eggs is that they also help with the mice and rats in the area and that is a good thing. Mind you I do have 6 cats but they can only do so much and they do there share. They even try to bring them in to the house to show us they are doing there job.

I hope to get a bit more cooking done this weekend. I would like to get some biscuits made and in the freezer. Some gravy mix made and some season packs. I make my own taco seasoning and chili seasoning. I really try to have stuff like this on hand and do not buy what it is the store. I know that they are not the same but they work for my family. In the fall and winter we eat more chili and soups so that is going to be what we will start to work on over the next few weeks. With the price of meat going up so much I have been cutting back on how much we each get to eat. We are adding more salad, fruit and cole slaw at dinner time. I make my own cole slaw dressing. I leave out the hot sauce and use bag cabbage and that. I also do not every have buttermilk on hand so I just use regular milk.